Carol Story


Carol Story is a children’s book author and longtime conservationist. After retiring from corporate America, Carol began volunteering for various environmental causes. These volunteer ventures, sparked by the suggestion of a friend, inspired her to write children’s books. Her stories are told in rhyming prose, with a section at the end of the story for readers who want to know a little bit more.


Ellie’s Day at the Shore

By: Carol Story

One summer day, Carol is talking to her great niece Ellie about what Ellie’s great grandma used to do as a child. Great Grandma spent summers at the shore. Liking what she hears, Ellie wants to go to the shore.

Ellie’s Day at the Zoo

By: Carol Story

“Ellie’s Day at the Zoo” is the story of Ellie and Carol, who head to the local zoo for a fun day out. There they see all kinds of animals – birds, wolves, tigers, anteaters, leopards, red pandas, and so many more! As they see each animal, Carol tells Ellie a little bit about them.

Zoo Volunteer Carol Story reads aloud from her charmingly illustrated children’s book.

We have the best volunteers! Did you know that the ultra-talented writer Carol Story and the fabulous photographer Jack Bradley have collaborated on a children’s book? Titled Ellie’s Day at the Zoo, it’s really for all ages, with information about and photos of many of our stunning animals.

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