Ellie’s Day at the Shore

One summer day, Carol is talking to her great niece Ellie about what Ellie’s great grandma used to do as a child. Great Grandma spent summers at the shore. Liking what she hears, Ellie wants to go to the shore, too! Carol and Ellie head to the shore together, and while they’re there they discover all the wonderful creatures that live at the shore.

Ellie finds birds– piping plovers, least terns, and American oystercatchers― monarch butterflies, horseshoe crabs, and even a special kind of turtle called a terrapin!

“Ellie’s Day at the Shore” is an educational and nostalgic story that celebrates the simple joys of a day at the shore. Alongside splendid illustrations, this is the perfect book for children curious about seaside animals and the beach.

Ellie’s Day at the Zoo

“Ellie’s Day at the Zoo” is the story of Ellie and Carol, who head to the local zoo for a fun day out. There they see all kinds of animals – birds, wolves, tigers, anteaters, leopards, red pandas, and so many more! As they see each animal, Carol tells Ellie a little bit about them.

Loaded with great pictures of the animals, it’s as much a zoo picture book as it is a storybook. Almost as much about animal conservation as a story of a trip to the zoo, Ellie’s Day at the Zoo offers fabulous photographs, and a rhyming story of a fun outing, ending with additional animal conservation details for those who want them. This book truly is for all ages of people who love animals!